FESTA PLUS are prefabricated modified polymer bitumen membranes whose compound is composed of distilled bitumen and plastomers reinforced with as Woven non Woven polyester fabric with longitudinal reinforcing threads or fiberglass mat.

The modified compound offers good ageing properties, elasticity, cold flexibility (-5oC), and durability.

Mineral FESTA PLUS P & PA offers best mechanical characteristic due to the polyester reinforcement .

FESTA PLUS V & VA, on the other hand, offers excellend dimensional stability and is normally used as a first layer in a two layer system or as a cap sheet ( V + PA or P + VA ).

MFESTA PLUS PA & VA are supplied with mineral slate chips which are available in natural or coloured version. This mineral finish acts as a weathering surface and enhances the aesthetics after application.

FESTA PLUS P & V are available with a polyethylene film or sand finish on the upper face.

The correct application temperature is visible from the lightly embossed surface of the membrane which is below the burn off film, when the correct application temperature is reached, this embossment melts also helping vapour diffusion and avoiding blistering.

Uses: medium or low complexity waterproofing works, where a big flexibility is required, concrete decks(flat, curvet) etc.
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