» Putting in the work and using the ARCO THERMO AD membrane.
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Putting in the work and using the ARCO THERMO AD membrane.
1. The rolls of membrane are spread and positioned with their siliconized layer facing downwards.

2. The siliconized layer is removed and the membrane is lightly ironed by foot. It will adhere to the substrate.

3. A hole is cut for the water outlet.

4. The next roll is spread overlapping the longitudinal 10 cm siliconized side flap of the previous roll.

5. The siliconized film is detached from the bottom and side. The membrane is ironed by foot on the side overlap.

6. The membrane torched over the top until the protection layer melts. Polystyrene is added on top of the membrane and pressure is applied by foot. The thermo-adhesive additives activated by the torch fully adhere to the polystyrene sheet. At the same time, the thermo-adhesive membrane completely adheres to the substrate, simultaneously playing the role of a "vapor barrier".

7. A new layer of ARCO THERMO AD is applied in a similar manner to the one above. It is recommended to lightly heat the membrane over the top, and to press its main surface and sides.

8. The final membrane with mineral slate protection is applied by heat flame. At the same time, the THERMO AD layer completely adheres to the polystyrene.

9. Execution details :

- water outlets
- puncturing
- corners
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